Halloween Costumes: A History

I know what you’re thinking. Another Halloween post? Seriously, Thoughts Appear, you are obsessed. You need help. Look into a 12-Step program.

(The first step in the program is you posting your costume for my blog costume contest. Really, it is. Would I lie to you about this?)

Come with me, and I’ll show you how I became this way. It started at a very young age.

This is my second Halloween. I was a clown, I think. I don’t know. But my mom made the costume, so it’s cool.

I have no clue what I’m dressed up as. A Grown Up? Little Red Riding Hood? Maybe this wasn’t even Halloween.

The witch costume is a classic. I’ve been a witch  several times. One time I smeared a green exfoliating mask all over my face. My skin looked beautiful the next day. (You’ll notice my mom in the back checking my candy haul for dangerous unwrapped candy or mind-corrupting candy cigarettes.)

Over the years I’ve also been a rockstar, Little Bo Peep, a cat, the Scream ghost guy, a princess, a fairy, a vampire, and of course, last year’s Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Now you know how my obsession started. See. It wasn’t entirely my fault. It took years and years of conditioning.

Feel free to post your psychoanalysis below.


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