Are You Man Enough?

Are you man enough to do this?

What about this?

The other weekend I participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, a march to Stop Violence Against Women. It was so amazing. Men raised money to benefit Heartley House, and then they walked a mile…in heels.

I’m not sure that I could walk a mile in heels. Especially these heels.

A round of applause for these guys on supporting such an important issue. And a round of applause for me for posting this unflattering picture of myself.


A face only a mother could love.


Ladies, unfortunately, men now know the secret to our sexy legs: heels.

Did you know…

  • 1 in 4 college women experience a completed or attempted rape during their college years.
  • Every 2 minutes (in America) someone is sexually assaulted.
  • Around the world, 1 woman in every 3 has been beaten or sexually abused.
  • Only half of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police.
  • Somewhere in America, a woman is battered (usually by her intimate partner) every 15 seconds.

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28 responses to “Are You Man Enough?

  • jonolan

    Ah yes, crossdressing or “fancy dress,” such a good way to get people to take you seriously. 😦 People really need to learn that not all means of getting attention are equally worthwhile.

  • Amy

    Well, I happen to think this is awesome. Kudos to all the guys who did this. And those skull and crossbone heels are the cutest!

  • penelope9

    Awesome post – surrounded by biggots I love how some brave men could done some heels for the day.
    Here is Australia we had a very good advert that said “One in four women will experience rape in her lifetime; will it be your mother, sister, wife or daughter?”
    Now I just have to convince the boyfriend to switch trainers for some strappy sandals and we’re there!!

  • redriverpak

    For a great cause like that, I would do it in a heartbeat 🙂

  • Denise

    I think this is a great way to get attention for a cause that goes unnoticed so often until a celebrity gets arrested for it. And any man that does this is a true role model to youth. I applaude them for standing up for this cause. I don’t think I could walk a mile in some of those heels.

  • jonolan

    I’m all for drawing attention to the issue, but I have some serious doubts about this as means of doing. My doubts are based upon two issues:

    One, crossdressing is negatively viewed by the majority of men in America. Seeing these men is going to create a, subconscious at a minimum, negative initial reaction. Many would simply fails to listen to the message being delivered.

    Two, unless there’s a lot of signage and a lot of vocalization, there would likely be “branding issues.” Many might mistake such a demonstration as being something to do with LGBT community instead.

    Gutsy guys though; some of those shoes look excruciating.

    • Blarney

      The idea of catering to the fears of homophobes is exactly what this event was NOT about. You will never find a group of manlier men than those who walked for this cause. I hope you have an opportunity to attend one. Then you’ll see.

      • jonolan

        I won’t disagree with you on what the event was about or that the guys involved were men in true sense of the word.

        My concern was only the effectiveness of the demonstration. Someone else mentioned that there were a lot of signs, which would assuage a lot my fears.

  • thoughtsappear

    Women with signs also walked with the guys, so I think most people knew what was going on.

    The walk had been in the works for months and actually started at Volt, which has been a pretty popular place since Bryan Voltaggio was on Top Chef, so I think that gave it even more publicity.

    If a few people misinterpreted the event because they assumed something instead of asking what was going on, then it was their loss. Hundreds of other people (by participating or pledging money) showed their support.

    Some of the heels broke off in the walk, so kudos to those guys for still walking lopsided.

  • Vodka and Ground Beef

    What a great idea for a walk. Great pics. Too bad I wasn’t there.

  • izziedarling

    This is great, thoughts. Great event for very important reason and hilarious photos. Ten months ago, I woke up to repeated banging on my door. There stood a lovely neighbor I didn’t know; she’d been sexually assautled and beaten repeatedly by an intruder and, in an effort to save her life, she ran out of her home to the “light”. (Have really bright lights). Still very rattled.

  • suzieashby

    You have done an excellent job with this piece. And the photo is a very good one, I hope you know. I am really proud when folks come together for any cause, but this cause is an important one. A very BIG round of applause to these guys. Adding the statistics to the piece really helps drive home the need for events like this one. Light.

  • The Zen Assassin

    Cheers to those chaps (and you) for supporting a good cause. It’s sad that the media doesn’t focus more on the righteous things people do across the country. They’d much rather pound us with depressing news rather than try to provide us with something uplifting.

  • Tinkerschnitzel

    I’ll take the skull and crossbones heels and those black boots! That’s so awesome that they would walk in heels like those for that distance. Kudos to them!

  • pearlsandprose

    Horrible stats. Just unbelievable, after all these years of educating people.
    But those guys are amazing! I couldn’t walk a mile in heels either.

  • mescribe

    Wow, that’s amazing. Thanks for making me aware of their awareness, that is just so cool. Love it! Have to say that a serial rapist has been attacking women in the largest city closest to me (about fifteen minutes away by car, which also hosts my Uni, so I’m there regularly in the evenings) for nearly a year and it’s maddening and terrifying, reading about how the attacks escalate and escalate. This past Sunday there were three of them in one day. Three! But then they caught him – or so they think and I hope. Crazy stalker killer type that he was slowly but surely morphing into needs help and a padded cell. It’s scary as hell.

    So kudos to these guys and to you for spreading the word that they’re out there!

  • Pauline

    What a great cause and kudos to the guys who participated! Violence against women is an issue that doesn’t just affect women, but society in general, so it’s good to see the community at large raising awareness.:)

  • Hippie Cahier

    Kudos to you for supporting such a worthy cause and uber-kudos to the men who walked in heels. (I type that as I sit here nursing charley horses from today’s pumps.)

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