I’m Harry Houdini

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’m not actually here.

::Insert your puzzled look here::

Around 4 in the morning on Wednesday, Kiefer, Boo, and Radley took me to North Carolina. For Kiefer’s twin sister’s wedding. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s posts were prewritten and scheduled to keep you entertained, but I couldn’t bear the thought of this happening:

You: Ha ha, Thoughts Appear, you are so funny! You’re the bestest blogger ever!

Me: Nothing.

You: Thoughts Appear, I just paid you a compliment. Two actually. Where are your manners?

Me: Nothing.

You: WTF, Thoughts?!?! Now you’re ignoring me? Too good to reply to comments now?!?! A$$h@t!

Me: Nothing.

You: I’m sorry for the outburst, Thoughts. You know I love you.

Me: Nothing.

You: FINE!

Now you see why I had to tell you that I wasn’t here. No one should have to endure that kind of emotional turmoil. Anyways, I’ll be back tomorrow to read all of your comments and posts.


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