Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking up. We’ve all been there. Breaks up are rough.

But not to worry! The Sweet Potato Queens have some advice for you.

  • I don’t care who he is. When you git ‘im home, they’s somethin’ bad wrong with ‘im.
  • Men taste just like chicken.
  • They’re making men every day. Get another one.

While you’re out there searching for another one, the Queens recommend following two rules: the 4-Hour Rule and the 24-Hour Rule.

The 4-Hour Rule: Before you make him the happiest man on earth (code for have s-e-x), he must spend at least 4 hours complimenting you.

The 24-Hour Rule: Within 24 hours of making him the happiest man on earth, he must repeat all of the previous compliments plus 15 minutes of new compliments.

Next up from the Sweet Potato Queens…The Five Men You Must Have in Your Life at All Times.


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