Cupcakes Award

Look, Every Girls Corner gave me an award with cupcakes on it. Cupcakes!

This award requires me to list 10 things I like, and then pass the award along to 10 bloggers.  So here are 10 things I like in no particular order.

  1. Key Lime Pie
  2. Chocolate Cupcakes
  3. Borders’s Cocoa Trio
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Pop-Tarts
  6. Lemon Meringue Pie
  7. Cinnabons
  8. Smores
  9. Cobb Salads (My mommy says to always eat something green.)
  10. Pineapples (My three food groups are Desserts, Salads, and Fruit.)

In the spirit of this “sweets” award, I’m giving this award to bloggers who remind me of cupcakes. Ok, not really, but they’re still cool.

  1. All Kinds of Hungry
  2. All Things FnkyBee
  3. Let Me Start By Saying
  4. QTBerryhead
  5. Nikita Land (the cutest puppy ever)
  6. Zodi’s Blog
  7. Welcome to the Middle of Life
  8. Vodka and Ground Beef
  9. Fat Is Not an Option
  10. Girl With a Book

Congratulations! Go get yourself a cupcake to celebrate.


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I eat lots of sugar. It's the only way to keep up with my new baby and to outrun zombies. View all posts by thoughtsappear

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