Appeal to Zombie Princess Leia

Remember my blog name crushes? I almost added Fix It or Deal to the list, but then I decided she needed her own post.

Why? Because I need your help, readers. I need you to beg Amy at Fix It or Deal to post pictures of her zombie Princess Leia Halloween costume.

Send her email, post comments on her blog, post comments on this post. Start a petition! Make signs! Bribe her with yummy desserts! Does anyone know how to do skywriting?

Maybe if we beg and say “please” enough she’ll post a picture. Because Halloween costumes are awesome. Especially zombie costumes.

Why else is she cool?

  • She dunks her Oreos in hot chocolate.

What? Nuff said. That bullet alone makes her flippin’ amazing. I thought I was the only one who dunked Oreos in hot chocolate.

Fine. I’ll post a few more for all you Oreo-haters.

  • She says “Amy SMASH!”
  • She likes Bruce Campbell.
  • Wine on Wednesdays. She’s tasting wine and then reporting back. Thank her for taking one for the team and doing the research.

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I eat lots of sugar. It's the only way to keep up with my new baby and to outrun zombies. View all posts by thoughtsappear

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