How to Drink Hot Chocolate Like a Pro

What’s better than cookies and milk? Cookies and hot chocolate!

Last night it was rainy and a little chilly, so Kiefer and I decided  it was that time. The most wonderful time of the year. Time for cocoa trios from Borders.

If you’ve never had Borders’s hot chocolate before (Shame. On. You.), follow this step-by-step guide to properly savor the tasty treat.

Since I took this picture with my phone camera, the quality stinks, so let me describe the cocoa trio:

  • Warm hot chocolate
  • Covered in cool whipped cream
  • Topped with white chocolate shavings, gooey chocolate syrup, and a dark chocolate stick.

This drink covers all of the chocolate bases. To celebrate the first hot chocolate of the season, we got a warm chocolate chip cookie as well.

Notice in the picture that Kiefer has his hand on his hot chocolate. He was worried I would drink his. As he should have been.

Take the picture already! My cocoa trio is getting colder by the second.

If you get a cookie to share, immediately divide it in half. It’s best if you divide it, so you “accidentally” not break it evenly and then give yourself the larger half.

You can’t dip the cookie in the hot chocolate until you’ve cleared away the whipped cream.

spoon shmoon

Don’t waste your time looking for a spoon. (In fact maybe send the other person to look for spoons, so you can swipe some of their whipped cream.) Use the chocolate stick to shovel whipped cream into your mouth.

Only after the whipped cream is cleared away can you begin cookie dippage.

Cookie dipping is an art. Leave the cookie in not long enough and it won’t suck up the hot chocolatey goodness. Leave the cookie in too long and it falls into the bottom of your cup.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first couple dips. Practice makes perfect. Go back tomorrow and try again. After many, many cocoa trios, maybe you will finally be close to my skill level. Maybe.

Last but not least, the lid. The lid is essential. With the lid you can feel free to wander around Borders without fear of ruining any books.

Kiefer put the lid on for me because I can never get those stoopid lids on. I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t have much experience with lids.

I hear you snickering! Don’t make fun of my lack of lid skills. I’ll take you in cookie dunking any day. No coffee means I grew to my proper height and have extra white teeth. Can you say the same? Who’s the biatch now?

Anyways, the hot chocolate was amazing. And the staff was impressive. Kiefer and I haven’t had cocoa trios all summer. The last one was probably in March or April. When Kiefer and I walked up, the girl was like, “Two cocoa trios?”

They know us there. We’re regulars. That’s awesome. Kiefer and I just taught you a lesson in awesomeness. Well, I’m the primary teacher because I taught Kiefer (and Boo and Radley) everything he knows about cocoa trios.


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