Meet The Idiot

Have you ever known someone that you were friends with, and then you found out that they liked you as more than a friend, and suddenly you decided that you liked them as more than a friend?

Meet RedRiverpak at The Idiot Speaketh.

He gave me props on his blog, and now I’m in love with him. Don’t tell Kiefer, ok? Let’s just keep this our little secret.

How do I love thee, Redsy-kins? (Look I already have a pet name for him.) Let me count the ways.

  1. He always puts funny pictures on his blog. And his writing is funny. Sense of humor is my top quality when looking for a man.
  2. He has a cute cat named “Lulu.” My cat Esme needs a playmate.
  3. He has a lot of autographs. Maybe he knows Bruce Campbell….
  4. He’s going to South America in a few days for Global Mission Readiness.
  5. His son plays the trombone. So it’s a 2nd degree trombonist crush.

I think maybe Red is on to my crush and is trying to avoid me. I know this because he keeps changing the name of his blog.

  • The Idiot Speaketh
  • L’Idiot Speaketh
  • The Idiot Speaketh, Eh?

You can’t fool me, Redsy-kins!


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