Hulk Terrorizes Street Dancers

This weekend I ventured out of the house (all by myself because I’m a big girl now) to attend the In the Street Festival.

Downtown Frederick, Maryland, blocks off the main street downtown for a lot of different activities, such as a race, boating in the creek, bands to play, children to show off their dancing, gymnastics, and karate skills, and a new activity…belly dancing.

She has a lamp...on her head.

In addition to all of these activities, some celebrities show up. Last year I got former NFL Redskins Quarterback Joe Theismann’s autograph for Boo. This year…well…I was afraid to ask for this guy’s autograph because he bore an odd resemblance to Gary Busey.

But the best thing about In the Street is the food.

Here is the proper way to eat at In the Street.

  1. Walk the entire festival to scope out the entire selection. In other words, look for all of the sweets so you can decide if you even want to bother with a main course. Or if you prefer, you’re exercising to make room for more food.
  2. Danger! If you’re not a Frederick native, don’t get distracted by Top Chef’s Bryan Voltaggio’s Volt. Yes, grab some of their yummy food, but save room for other goodies.
  3. After you’ve inventoried all of the food, then make your food selection. I recommend taking a map and marking tasty tent locations. After my BBQ chicken sandwich, I went in search of the deep fried Oreos I passed earlier, but I couldn’t find them. Learn from my mistakes, people.
  4. Don’t panic if you can’t eat all of the food you want. The Great Frederick Fair is just days away.

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