Zombie Exterminators: 1-888-Wuz-Dead

One dark, stormy night you hear a thumping outside your house. You check all the doors and windows to make sure they’re secure. You grab your weapon of choice (wrench, noose, gun, candlestick) and enter the room of your choice (library, kitchen, billiard room, study) to look out the window.

Slowly pulling back the curtain you look and see…a zombie baby! No!

Ma-ma? Brains!

Knowing (and implementing) the rules from Zombieland (cardio) isn’t enough. You may not survive.

Who you gonna call? Zombie Exterminators!

I saw this van at Horrorfind, and thank goodness that I did because now I feel so much safer knowing I can rely on someone to subdue a zombie outbreak.

Write that number down. 1- 888-Wuz-Dead. Home of the Double Tap. Luckily these guys are tracking zombie outbreaks so you can be prepared and safe.

Their site also has some helpful FAQs. For example, did you know that monkeys and spiders can become zombies?

Can you become a zombie from sitting on the same toilet seat as a zombie? Only time will tell.


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