Sweet Potato Queens Unite

You miss the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus series, don’t you? Me, too.

That’s why I’m reading another book.

This time I’m not summarizing each chapter because I found myself taking notes like crazy instead of enjoying my reading time. So I’ll be posting about the next book sporadically.

Everything you need to know about the Sweet Potato Queens can be found at their web site. But I’ll give you some background.

  1. The first Sweet Potato Queens were in a parade in 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi.
  2. The Queens have huge boobs (padded), huge butts (also padded), and big red hair (wigs), and they wear green sequined dresses, tiaras, and pink gloves. Come on, everybody loves a tiara.
  3. There are Sweet Potato Queen Chapters all over the United States that you can join.
  4. Men, I’m sorry, but these posts are more for the ladies.

Why read this book?

  1. Because it’s funny.
  2. Because she’s going to reveal the secret to love.
  3. Because although I’m only a couple chapters in, it seems that the Queens…all known as “Tammy”…are the Every Woman.
  4. And because there’s a parade in March…and parades have candy.

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