She’s a Pop-Tart Blogging Maniac!

She’s a maniac, maniac on the blog floor. She’s blogging like she’s never blogged before.

Readers, today you’re in for a treat. Check out Every Girls’ Corner for my guest blog post. The topic: Lesson in Awesomeness. The awesomeness: Marlize.

Now that you know why I’m a blogging maniac, and let’s move on to other important business. Like Pop-Tarts.

Move over NYC M&Ms and Hershey! There’s a new Pop-Tarts store in town! Also known as “Heaven.” Thank you, Vodka and Ground Beef and All Kinds of Hungry, for catching this.

Dear Kelloggs,

Why wasn’t I informed of your new Pop-Tart store in Times Square? Obviously I’m your biggest fan and supporter: Toasting Ice Cream…Creme…Whatever and Orange Cream Popples, I Mean Pop-Tarts.

That really frosts me, Kelloggs. Here I am, blueberry Pop-Tart crumbs dropping into the cracks of my keyboard, and you can’t even let me know about your new store. Pick up a phone. Drop me an email. Send a postcard. Is that so difficult?

What’s that you say?

  • I can build my own Pop-Tart?
  • You have Pop-Tart sushi?
  • You have Pop-Tarts on cinnamon buns?

All is forgiven! Could you build a yellow brick road of Pop-Tarts to lead me there?

I never thought I’d live to see this day. I can’t even write any more I’m so choked up.

Your Pop-Tart Maniac and Fanatic,

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