Knowledge Is Power: How to Use Mars and Venus

And knowing is half the battle…GI JOE! (Hugging is the other half of the battle.)

I learned a lot from reading Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.* While I was reading, I found myself thinking the following:

  • Well, duh!
  • So that’s why Kiefer does that.
  • Stupid cave…I hate you and your cave-li-ness.
  • Stupid rubberband…I hate you and your stretchiness.
  • Oh…I should stop doing that…Oops.

But the most stressful thought was, “How am I going to remember all of this?”  Through practice!

Successful Implementation

Remember when Kiefer gave my cell number to Crazy Eyes? She took advantage of Kiefer being gone so I would take the boys because “She was tired of them and needed a break” (quote from Boo and Radley).

Manipulative <insert bad word of your choice here>.

Once I talked to Kiefer about it, the first words out of my mouth were “I know this isn’t your fault.” Just like Chapter 5 said.

Successful Implementation

Remember the stupid Minnesota Twins fan? Kiefer drove the boys and I to Baltimore for the game. I thanked him for driving. Just like Chapter 10 said.

Implementation: Fail!

I totally screwed up the advice in Chapter 4.

Me: So, uh, Kiefer, I’m reading that Mars and Venus book, and in it was this couple where the man wouldn’t commit to his girlfriend.

Kiefer: ::big grin::

Me: So the book says that the woman tells the man that she’ll love him and be with him no matter what. The next day he proposed. Will that work with you? (Yes, I totally outted myself.)

Kiefer: I don’t know. Try it and find out.

Me: Pshhh…whatever.

* I thought about trying to get away with not blogging about Chapters 12 and 13, but I’m bad at keeping secrets. I returned the book to the library already, and I can’t find my notes. Oh well, I bet they just say that men should listen more…like every other chapter in the book.

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