Ice Cream: Eat This, and This, and That

David Zincenko and I are on speaking terms again. I had to take a break from him after the Doritos and Corn on the Cob incidents.

When I first saw the title of his blog post The Best and Worst Ice Cream Truck Treats, I started to fume. David, if the Chipwich is on the worst list, I’ll…I’ll…chuck Chipwiches at your face!


Mr. Zincenko just redeemed himself a few points with me.

  • +1 He recommends the Oreo Sandwich over the Choco Taco. Oreo! And who orders the Choco Taco? Seriously.
  • +1 He points out that elaborate coffee drinks are a contributing factor to weight gain. I don’t drink coffee.
  • +1 He recommends eating the Firecracker popsicle. Only 35 calories!
  • +1 He points out that the Good Humor Cookies and Cream is only 90 calories. I need to buy some of those.

David Zincenko just redeemed 4 points with me. He still lost about a thousand for dissing Doritos, but it’s a good start. Don’t mess it up.

I have my eye on you, Mr. Z. You’re more slippery than snot on a glass doorknob. (I always wanted to say that.)

PS: Did anyone see the article on America’s Best Ice Cream Shops? Anyone want to come with me to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour in Florida? I need that kitchen sink ice cream sundae.

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