I Love Waterfalls and Boats…But Not Together

Last weekend Kiefer and I went to Deep Creek Lake.

At the hotel I promptly plopped down on the bed and begged to nap and swim all day at the pool. Apparently, that was not an option. Bah.

So we headed out to Swallow Falls to hike and see the waterfalls.

We laughed at the teenagers sliding down the falls. Ahhhh, to be young and have buns of steel.

Next we replenished our energy with some tasty crab dip and apple cobbler topped with ice cream.

Completely stuffed, we spent the rest of the night watching Shark Week, and this conversation took place:

Me: Almost all of the world’s 10 deadliest sharks are by South Africa. No more work trips to Africa.

Kiefer: But I’m going to Nigeria, not South Africa.

Me: Doesn’t matter. The sharks might grow feet. They’ll find you.

The next day Kiefer and I thought that maybe we should actually visit the lake at Deep Creek Lake. Silly idea, I know.

So we rented a boat. And drove…floated…motored…boated…whatevered…around the lake.

And then…we saw this. And panic ensued.

Oh wait…I think I mixed up the order of the pictures. Because the boat ride was uneventful.

And then we ate blueberry cheescake ice cream and went home…with sunburn.


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