Making Your Own Halloween Costume

With Halloween approaching, I have to blog about making your own Halloween costume.

Notice the use of second person in that sentence: “Your.”

I don’t make my own Halloween costumes anymore. But kudos to those of you that do. (Remember those chocolate Kudos bars? Do they even still make those?)

Besides now that I’ve seen what these amazingly artistic kids can do with duct tape, anything I attempted would look awful. Extra Kudos bars to them.

A couple years ago, I decided to be a punk vampire for Halloween.

Back off! This was before Twilightmania ensued. I was into vampires before it was cool. Even before Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt made it cool in Interview with a Vampire. My vampire obsession dates back to the real Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys.

With my costume in mind…I started shopping.

  • I already owned knee-high black leather boots. Cost =$0.
  • Black skirt from Hot Topic. On sale. Cost = $10.

So far, so good. Well under my budget of $50.

  • Black and red corset from Hot Topic. Cost = $35.
  • Black fishnet stockings. Cost = $6.

Budget, schmudget.

  • Silver Vampire fangs. Cost = $12. Vampires need bling, too.
  • Fake black eyelashes with red glitter. Cost = $5.
  • Red hair extensions. Cost  = $10.
  • Black and red lace-up arm warmers. Cost = $13.
  • Black nail polish. Cost = $3.
  • Fake blood. Cost = $3.

I came up with $97. You might want to double check my math. (I majored in English. I don’t have to add.)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I buy costume sets. Costume sets are for people like me who have no self-control when shopping…especially when shopping for Halloween costumes.

Costume-Do-It-Yourselfers, I salute you. And your self-control. And your artistic ability. And your nonlaziness.


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