Complaint Challenge…Failed

Do you know Brown Paper Bag Girl? You should. She’s pretty awesome.

She challenged herself and everyone else to go 24 hours without complaining.

My first thought: “What an amazing idea!”

Then she said, “Starting now.”

My next thought, “Hey! No fair! I wasn’t ready! What happened to ‘ready’ and ‘set’? Give a girl some warning!”

And that’s how I screwed up my complaint-free day within mere seconds.

So I decided to start my complaint-free day after that.

Obstacle #1: My broccoli for lunch posed the first problem. It was a little too soft. Did I complain? No. I ate it…after I covered it in cheese. And I do mean covered. More orange than green.

Obstacle #2: Kiefer Sutherland’s ex…late…again…. We still met our friends for happy hour on time. So it was all good.

Obstacle #3: Someone who I am not particularly fond of came to the happy hour.

Let’s call this person 50/50. Well, 60/40. 60% of the time this person is mean and directs rudeness at me. 40% of the time this person is nice. Luckily, 60/40 was in the 40% mood.

(Don’t ever be mean to me. I’ll hold it against you. For years. Maybe even for-ev-er.)

Obstacle #4 (aka my downfall): We ordered dessert. I ordered Chocolate Lava Cake a la Mode. Last time I checked “a la mode” meant “ice cream.” Am I wrong?

My cake came with whipped cream. Whipped. Cream.

I complained.

Don’t mess with my dessert.


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