Lesson in Awesomeness #2: Don’t Ruin the Fun in Funnel Cake

Dear Minnesota Twins Fan at the Orioles Game on Saturday,

You suck.

When a baseball bounces off a child’s head, which causes you to catch the baseball, you promptly hand it over to the injured child. You don’t keep it for yourself.

When the crowd starts chanting “Give him the ball,” they’re referring to you and how you should give the kid the baseball. Don’t act like you don’t know.

Smart move leaving the game early. You probably narrowly avoided a curb stomping.

Why couldn’t you have been more like the 2 Twins fans who dressed up like Oompa Loompas or the 2 Twins fans who dressed up as Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro. They were awesome. Be more like them.

Not Even Slightly Sincerely,

Thoughts Appear

PS: You ruined my tasty funnel cake with your selfish display. Not only do you owe that kid the baseball, you also owe me a funnel cake. Extra powdered sugar.

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15 responses to “Lesson in Awesomeness #2: Don’t Ruin the Fun in Funnel Cake

  • ashKool

    Whoa…! Looks like there was a real jerk at the game. No wonder such thing will piss off many people!
    Wishing you more “non-ruined” Funnel cakes. Don’t put on, though! 😛

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch.

    – ashKool

  • HippieCahier

    Taking a baseball from an injured child is inconceivable. Ruining a woman’s funnel cake is beyond the pale. Someone’s racking up some nasty karma.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the game? Ridiculously hot, I assume!

    • thoughtsappear

      The Orioles lost. =(

      It was way too hot. I think I dropped 5 pounds just from sweating. I hope you stayed cool this weekend!

      • HippieCahier

        Ohmigosh…I had visions of the movie Twister on Sunday. There I was on a quick run to the grocery store, when those storms came out of NOWHERE. I swear it looked like funnel clouds all around, and not the cakey kind. I kept picturing me in my little MINI getting tossed in the air, swirling by a spinning cow or two and landing who knows where. And then, a tree fell, right in front of me. Fortunately, there was a policewoman beside me. She looked at me like, “Can you believe that just happened?” I looked at her like, “I am so glad you’re here!” and then I was off. What’s going on around here? Snowmageddon, earthquakes, and killer storms. Yikes!

        • thoughtsappear

          That’s crazy about the tree! I’m glad it didn’t land on you.

          I guess the storm wasn’t quite that bad where I was Sunday. It poured, and it was a little windy but nothing like that!

  • TonyVote

    hahaha, i love the “PS.” at the end. I cant he wouldn’t give the ball to the little kid. that’s heartless right there. You definitely deserve some extra funnel cake. with extra powdered sugar.

  • Mikael

    What a selfish A-hole! That kid should have punched him in the gut. Sore head for a sore tummy, and hopefully the guy would have dropped the ball and the kid could get it… that would be justice.

  • suzieashby

    You go girl! I love it. What a butt-wipe, huh. This is the first time I’ve heard the term “cub stomping.” Is that yours? If so, I wouldn’t doubt it a bit. You’re great!

  • redriverpak

    That dude probably would have kept the ball if it had hit his own kid on the head…… What a jerk!

  • julie

    What a jerk! And doubly so for ruining your cake! I succumbed to one at the last Orioles game I went to as well. Delish!

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