Chapter 6: Men Are Like Rubberbands. Oh, Snap!

Hopefully Chapter 6 of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus won’t annoy me as much as Chapter 5.

There comes a time in every relationship when the man pulls away. For example, Let’s Move In Together…Or Not.

Women can’t do anything but wait for men to snap back. It goes back to Chapter 4’s men don’t know what they’re missing until it’s gone.

Meanwhile, women tend to push for intimacy, and when that doesn’t work, women pull away.

Back and forth. Back and forth. So much time would be saved if men just didn’t pull away in the first place.  But, Men, It’s not your fault…that you’re an a-hole. (Me applying what I learned in Chapter 5.)

Women, I’m sure you’re thinking, “That sounds awful! How can I avoid the rubberband pulling away?”

Just to be safe, never open up to a man or tell him anything because it may trigger his departure.

Man: Hi, Honey. How was your day?

Woman: Well, this morning….

Man: WHAT?!?! I can’t handle this. I’m going to hibernate in my cave to process this information. Here, take  my credit card and go shopping.

Men instinctively pull away. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Lessons Learned

Women: Share your thoughts with your significant other. But start by saying, “I’d like to share my thoughts with you. You don’t need to say anything.” This motivates your man to talk. It’s reverse psychology! Like taking candy from a baby….

Men: In case you haven’t caught on from the first 5 chapters, the author once again states, “Listen to women when they speak.” Are you listening?


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9 responses to “Chapter 6: Men Are Like Rubberbands. Oh, Snap!

  • Gil

    First thanks for blogging your thoughts, next don’t penalize me for being new to your blog and jumping right in, I have not caught up with all your blogs, so in a sense guilty of not having done my “homework” :_).

    Generalizing can be so hazardous when it comes to understanding women or men. sure we share similar physical attributes but when it comes to our way of thinking hmmm…In my life experiences (adventures/life paths) i have met my fair share of women that would embarrass the “women specie” and like wise for men. That said, yes we must start some place to why not generalize.

    “men instinctively pull away” I hope you agree women do the same thing, I know this to be true first hand.

    “My lessons learned” Men and Women learn to forgive fast if you love him/her we’re human I find most issues start from our human quirkiness, things we said, did that should not have been done, but we did because we were stressed for whatever reason (financial, physical health, religious beliefs, drank too much beer…. the list goes on) and the one closest to us took the proverbial “bat behind the head”

    If you know your guy is a jumper, chances are he showed signs early, that goes for you to men.

    Wow, I drank too much beer lol. Don’t judge! :_)

    • thoughtsappear

      Thanks for stopping by, Gil.

      For the most part, I try to keep things on my blog light and fun.
      In my intro post to summarizing this book, I said I’d be putting my own fun spin on my interpretation. You’re right. Men and women alike can be…well…you know.

      Is there really such thing as too much beer? =)

  • Abby

    Men are weird.

    I’m so glad the one I have right now is like, “How are you today?”
    “So, this morning… umm…”
    “Go on…”

  • blogmella

    I love Joy. If I looked like that, men would do whatever I said. Trust me.

  • redriverpak

    I’m sorry…were you saying something?….my mind was wandering….. 🙂

  • Olivia

    Reading this post, I feel I should go take a tour across the chapters.. which I would do soon..

    Very clever way of handling words

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