She’s Got the Crazy Eyes!

From now on, I may be living in terror and constant fear. 

Boo called me last night. From Kiefer’s ex’s cell. Boo and Radley want me to help decorate Kiefer’s house for his return from Africa, and then Boo and Radley can surprise Kiefer by being home already as well.

Aww…Boo and Radley love me. 

Awkward…Kiefer’s ex has my phone number. 

Aww…but it’s for a cute reason. 

Awkward…Kiefer’s ex has my phone number. 

Crazy Eyes From HIMYM

I hate that exs exist. Even mine. Did I tell you about Kiefer’s ex’s subtle (yet not-so-subtle) dig at me during one of our first meetings. (I’ll blog about it later, but trust me, she was mean.) 

The Problem: They want help when I’ll be on my way to the airport to pick up their Dad. 

Boo gets upset, which tugs at my heart. Don’t cry, Boo! If you cry, I’ll cry. 

My Solution: I say, “Can your mom or babysitter meet me somewhere? Then you and Radley can come with me to the airport.” 

I am a genius. (Unless Kiefer is so exhausted that he just wants to chillax child-free. Crap.) 

But the ex has my phone number. She now has the power to call and be mean. Noooooo!

Panicking, I call Puddin’.

Me: I did something stupid.

Puddin’: Oh my god, you’re calling me from New York because you ran off with that band!

Me: ::I pause to reflect and actually consider this awesome idea!::

I explain the situation (while hyperventilating), and Puddin’, in her infinite wisdom, says: 

Look at it from the point of view that those boys love you, and they want to be with you and include you. You’re finally slowly stepping into the stepmother role. And if Kiefer isn’t excited by that, he’s an idiot. And then we’re running off to Hawaii where Taylor Lautner will be our Cabana boy.

I paraphrased. Because she actually said a ton of awesome stuff that made me tear up. 

This whole situation has made me think. I can do stuff like coordinate with his ex to bring his children to the airport, but getting some type of committment from Kiefer? Out of the question. 

That man better drop down to one knee when I show up with Boo and Radley at the airport. Because I rock. 

And if he doesn’t, I’m running off to NY to rock with Eytan and the Embassy. Or to Hawaii.

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12 responses to “She’s Got the Crazy Eyes!

  • unabridgedgirl

    Sounds like a crazy situation, but it also sounds like you have a friend that gave you sound advice! Best wishes, m’dear.

  • Abby

    Your friend sounds really awesome. I hope he drops on one knee as well.

  • blogmella

    “I can do stuff like coordinate with his ex to bring his children to the airport, but getting some type of committment from Kiefer? Out of the question. ”

    I spoke to my partner about this situation and asked his male POV on it. He said K won’t move forward “Because he doesn’t have to” and that K “Is in no rush. She (by which he meant you) is in a rush, because she thinks her clock is ticking – but he already HAS kids and he has already been in one messed up relationship. He is playing for time, he wants to be sure, he doesn’t want a bad situation to happen again. He already has kids he doesn’t live with.”

    He also said it wasn’t a reflection on you, it was just K weighing up his past and being wary. Sadly Dave thinks K will not be influenced by how great you are, only by what he feels he HAS to do himself.

  • izziedarling

    You are too nice, girl. Why does SHE have your cell number? K needs to get down on that knee pronto! Or else! Nice to have band guys and cabana boys as backup. 🙂

    • thoughtsappear

      Boo is too young to have his own cell phone, so he has to use his mom’s.

      I’ll tell Kiefer you said so! I’m considering setting up some type of blog petition. Like if I get 100 comments, he has to ask me. =)

  • hippiecahier

    We’ve only just “met,” so I was going to butt out on this one and try not to sound like somebody’s mom.

    But I’m going on anyway, ’cause that’s what I do.

    Seems to me you’re smart, funny, cool, talented, and I’m sure a bajillion other wonderful things and therefore have no need to be afraid of women. That said, I’ll let you in on a little secret: she’s just as afraid of you, maybe moreso. She’s got a lot more to lose.

    Try to think of her as a person who’s survived “tearage” and whose boys are falling in love with another woman, unless and until the mean-ness is too, too ugly. (I hope that never happens.)

    It’ll all be just fine, you’ll see!

    • thoughtsappear

      I completely understand that the situation is hard for her, but I don’t feel like it’s a reason to mean to me.

      She doesn’t have to like me, but I feel like she should at least respect me for caring for her children.

      And in her defense, after our first encounter, she’s never been that mean again, so maybe she’s slowly coming around.

  • Olivia

    You are considerate and a very nice woman. You are handling relationships like they were never so complicated..

    Very nice to see that..

    The amount of understanding and strength that you have, OMG,

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