Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Remember the Little Caesar’s Pizza Guy? Read the post title like that.

Friday I was featured on Freshly Pressed. It was the turning point in my day.

  • Earthquake.
  • My cat was so scared, she felt the need to sleep on my face.
  • A bee landed on my nose in the parking lot. This was more traumatic than the earthquake. I’ve never been stung before, so naturally I’m terrified and imagine being stung by a bee as the most painful experience on earth.
  • I realized I forgot my breakfast Pop-Tart.  Not quite as traumatic as the bee but close.
  • My blog post is featured on Freshly Pressed!
  • I spent my lunch hour getting a pedicure.
  • After work I saw Eclipse. Which means I also saw Jacob with his shirt off. How many abs does that boy have? Ah, Taylor Lautner, if only I were 10 years younger, Johnny Depp would have some competition for his status of future husband.

Thank you, WordPress, for picking my post! I didn’t even have to stomp my feet, roll around on the floor screaming, or drop and quiver my lower lip.

Thank you, Readers. Readers who have been reading from the beginning and the new readers. I’m trying to visit new blogs and my usuals, but I’m running a little behind. (I had a fun-filled weekend of seeing Mary Poppins in DC, and the Old 97s and Eytan and the Embassy in Pittsburgh, so I’ll definitely be posting about those.)

Thank you, Earthquake, for the material. Feel free to quake again. Maybe even step it up to a 3.7 instead of a 3.6. I’ll even go as high as 3.8.


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