Damn You, Sangria

Someone found my blog by searching for “Damn You, Sangria.” Amazing!

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that my good friend Sangria does not deserve such a curse.

Alcohol and nutritious fruit together…in a tasty, loving relationship. Yummy.

What did sangria ever do to you?

But, Thoughts Appear, sangria spilled all over my shirt and stained it.

Not an acceptable excuse. If you’re going to be drinking wine (or eating spaghetti sauce), you don’t wear white or light-colored clothes. Duh.

Shame on you for wasting sangria. Lift your shirt up to your mouth and suck that sweet stained goodness right out.

My dad always said, “Accidents don’t just happen, they’re caused.”

What were you doing when the sangria spilled? You should have been holding your glass with both hands (and pinky up). Until you can learn to hold a glass correctly, maybe bring your own sippy cup to the bar. Or drink white sangria instead of red.

 But, Thoughts Appear, Sangria made me hung over.

You (pick your finger up off the mouse and point it at yourself), my dear friend, are a light weight. That’s almost as bad as spiling sangria. Shame on you.

Shame. On. You. 

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