My 80s Toy List…Lost in the Mail

Dear Mom and Dad,

A visit to the toy store reminded me of my childhood. Particularly, it reminded me of the toys that you never bought me.

Here I list your offences (the missing toys):

  1. Lite Brite. It glowed in the dark; therefore, it was cool.
  2. Popples. They were cute and brightly colored, and they folded into a pocket. A pocket, I tell you!
  3. Glo Worm. What did you have against things that glowed? Why buy a nightlight when you could have bought a Glo Worm?
  4. Snorks. What did they ever do t you? Animals with snorkels growing out of their heads need love, too.
  5. Care Bears. I realize Mom made Care Bears out of fabric, but it wasn’t the same. They didn’t have real arms and legs. (Image courtesy of Rose’s Buttons.)
  6. Power Wheels. The 4-year-old child’s equivalent of Big Pimpin’.
  7. She Ra. What did you have against the warrior princess? Lunchbox got HeMan.
  8. Teddy Ruxpin. A bear that talked. Self-explanatory.
  9. Cable TV. This ruined my life.
  10. Disney. Haven’t you seen the commericals of the little boy hugging Mickey Mouse? Of the little girl having tea with Cinderella? I can’t believe the two of you went to Disney when Lunchbox and I were in college…and then you didn’t even take us with you.


Thoughts Appear aka Your Deprived Child

PS: Thank you for the providing me with a complete set of Rainbow Brite  and Rose Petal dolls. I’m even impressed that you managed to find a Cabbage Patch Doll during the Cabbage Patch Doll shortage. And thank you for indulging me with almost any My Little Pony I desired.

I also appreciated the Easy Bake Oven. And screw Teddy Ruxpin! I just remember you got me the talking Cricket doll. Come to think of it, the fake Care Bears Mom made were pretty cool, too.

PPS: Crap…. Now that I’ve had some time to think, please ignore my grievances in the letter above. Except for maybe the one about Disney.

And the Power Wheels. I’d still accept a Power Wheels for my birthday or Christmas this year. No, I’m not too big. I’ll make it work.



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21 responses to “My 80s Toy List…Lost in the Mail

  • Denise

    I never heard of popples. I too was deprived of cable until high school and it definitely hurt my social life. At the time, it seemed like a HUGE catastrophy in my life. I think I still carry the resentment of the negative affects it had on my life. lol

    Lite Brite was pretty cool but as a mom I wouldn’t buy that either. Little peices everywhere except where they should be…

    Love your big girl barbie jeep!

  • Aly

    Popples were cute. We had one and its red eyes used to flash at me from the depths of my brother’s room. It was an evil thing.

    Teddy Ruxpin was great.

    And I won’t gloat and tell you that I owned pretty much everything that was even somewhat related to Rainbow Brite while I was a kid. Not that I had anything to do with it of course.. but my mum was kind of obsessed. I’ve forbade her throwing it all away though. I want it. Yes.

  • redriverpak

    I cry every time I think of all the Star Wars toys that got tossed out or garage saled….. Had I kept them, I would be living in the bahamas now….

  • blogmella

    Teddy Ruxpin was bloody terrifying!

  • the old coworker

    Let me tell you, the LIte Brite from way long ago is much much better than now. The current one you must insert a paper template, so it only lasts so long. Plus those little pegs are so hard to figure out all of the colors and they get trapped in the contraption.

    Now I’ll mention Hungry Hungry Hippos, not on your list but again, made poorly nowadays. The heads and handles get jammed and stuck, never ever buy one. Not at all as flexible as in the 80s, when I used to baby sit and we’d play.

    One more grievance.
    Kerplunk. In the 60s, yes the 60s, they had nice wood painted sticks. Now it’s all plastic crap and those sticks just slide out when setting up the game. Give me a painted stick with lead paint any day.

    Glad you got so much anyhow…

  • pearlsandprose

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Your post made me laugh out loud!

    P.S. Teddy Ruxpin was scary! He reminded me of Chucky.

  • Sum

    Hahaha. I never got a Lite Brite either. Up until this day, I still haven’t seen most of the Disney movies. I think we’ve had quite a similar deprived childhood.

  • WeirdOne

    Awesome wishing list! I wanted something like the Power Wheels too, only that I didn’t wish for it in the 80’s. No one even wished for me 😛

    -Mary Poppins. Best Disney movie EVER made!

  • letmestartbysaying

    Hey there. As a child of the 80’s whose parents didn’t get a color tv until she was 15 and no cable until she was moved out and in college…I feel your pain.
    But alas, Rainbow Bright, Lite Brite, Glo Worm, Care Bears are all in Target now. Treat yourself! And I do believe that a Masters of the Universe movie is being pulled together, so you may find a She Ra doll in your near future…

  • Karin

    I had many Care Bears and a Teddy Ruxpin…all were used for evil purposes.

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