Bats, Beaches, Beer, and Beaker

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa…Batman! Er, Batgirl! (Now that you know I was trying to do the Batman theme, go back and sing the first line.)

Kiefer and I went to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. You know who did a lousy job of putting sunblock on?

This gal. (::thumbs pointed at me::)

There is a bright red sunburn on my chest in the shape of a bat. Grrrreat.

Lesson Learned: Half-heartedly smearing on sunblock leaves you with a lobster-red chest contrasted with bright white cleveage.

Living Dilbert spent the entire week at the beach, and she posted some funny stuff that she overheard. This is what I overheard:

I love beer, man. If I was in a bathtub full of beer, I would drink myself out. (Note to self, never let this guy use my bathroom. Or near my beer.)

Her ex used to give her a couple thousand dollars a month to buy clothes. She got used to that life style and now she sleeps with guys for money. (I need to get the name of her Sugar Daddy ex.)

Marco! Polo!

But my chocolate-covered Twinkie will melt…. (This one may have been me.)

The broken shells hurt my feetsies. Will you please carry me in and out of the water? (Ok, this one was me, too.)

And last but not least…

::Burp:: (To really hear the burp, imagine it coming from Beaker from the Muppet Babies.)

That was weak.


Nice to know that Kiefer and I still have some firsts. Apparently I need to practice my burping.


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10 responses to “Bats, Beaches, Beer, and Beaker

  • Jane

    The “bathtub full of beer” comment? Priceless! Had I been there I would have seriously blown my cover as innocuous eavesdropper.

  • mct88

    the sunburn not cool-painful no doubt.
    but in shape of a bat…that’s funny.

    my senior year we had an all-school rally-guys/girls painted their faces & bodies. for the next 2 weeks students walked around with tan line hand prints on their face or writing on their arm. quite amusing.

  • redriverpak

    Thanks! I already have some Obessesive-Compulsive tendencies as it is……and now I can’t stop humming that damn Batman song! Aaaaarrggg! Pow! Smack! Boom!

    • thoughtsappear

      When I was little, I used to love the Batman theme. My grandmother had a record player, and we used to blast the Batman theme song and run around the house pretending to get bad guys.

  • Amy

    I just got back from a beach weekend and I too am a red and white disaster. I look like a strawberry wearing white shorts and white bathing suit top. I consider myself fortunate that at least I didn’t fall asleep and end up with “DORK” on my chest like in Police Academy (umm….hope someone remembers that……crickets…..hmmm….. well, just trust. It would have been worse than the crazy Canadian flag effect on my breasts.)

    • thoughtsappear

      A friend feel asleep with his hand on his stomach, and he ended up with a handprint there. “Dork” would definitely be worse.

      • Amy

        A handprint sounds awesome!! Did he do it on purpose, because if he did I think I’m in love. hahahaha. Its possible I would let someone put their hand on my cheek for a few hours so I could have a handprint on my tush. hahaha. (Its cool, I know I’m a loser, no need to point it out at this time.)

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