Toasting Ice Cream…Creme…Whatever


My initial thought was “Genius. Pop-Tarts and ice cream combined. There is a god.”

But then I thought about it. Ice Cream Pop-Tarts? Does anyone else see the problem here?

Usually I enjoy Pop-Tarts straight from the box. I don’t have enough patience to wait while the toaster heats them up. Nor do I have a toaster. (Gasp!)

Sometimes I do enjoy them heated. I use the microwave. (Wipe that look of disgust off your face.) The microwave takes 7 seconds. How long does your toaster take? Longer than that and the Pop-Tart starts to expand. It’s fun to watch, but nasty to eat.

Enough about my appliances or lack of. Here’s my point:

Pop Tart = Warm.

Ice Cream = Cold.

You know what happens when you heat up ice cream? A big ol’ sticky puddle.

Maybe this is a new kind of Pop-Tart that you put in the freezer instead of the toaster. Maybe I’ll try that.

Also, it really bothers me that the box says, “Ice Cream Shoppe: Ice Creme Sandwich.” Let’s pick one spelling of the word “cream” and stick with it.

Besides, I’ve never see the real ice cream sandwiches in a box that says “creme.” Sounds too fancy, schmancy. And there’s absolutely nothing fancy about an ice cream sandwich.

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