Butterflies Whispering Secrets in Washington, DC

Over the weekend, I gave myself a present. I ventured into our Nation’s Capital all by myself. Because I’m a big girl now. And I was in a It’s-My-Birthday-Weekend-And-I’m-Going-To-Do-What-I-Want-When-I-Want-And-You-Can’t-Do-Anything-To-Stop-Me mood.

I visited Washington, DC, specifically the Natural History Museum, and more specifically, the Butterfly Exhibit.

The rules:

  1. Don’t touch the butterflies. But they can touch you. Double standard!
  2. Watch your step. Butterflies like to land on the floor, and if you step on one, alarms sound, lights flash, and people start screaming and pointing at you, “Butterfly Murderer!”
  3. Before you leave, check for hitch hiking butterflies. They may try to go home with you. Because they love you.
  4. Uhhh…I don’t remember the last rule. Oops.

It’s times like this that I wish I had a better camera.

Butterfly #1. I named him “Sneaky” because he kept landing on my back where I couldn’t see him.

Butterfly #2. I named her “Pretty” because she made me pretty with her choice of landing site.

Pretty the Butterfly fell in love with me (or my bubble gum scented shampoo from Sephora) immediately. She landed in my hair as soon as I stepped foot into the Butterfly Exhibit, and she stayed with me until I left. They had to pry her grip from my hair. I may have cried at the separation just a little.

Pretty whispered into my ear that “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes that it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” (Maya Angelou)

Butterfly #3. I dubbed him “Licky McLicks-A-Lot” because he kept licking my finger because I’m just that sweet.

He may have been licking the left-over sugar from the Starbucks Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake I’d just eaten. This little guy hung out on my finger for about 15 minutes.

I spent 20-25 minutes in the exhibit with my new butterfly friends, but all good things have to come to an end. Especially when you’re in a extremely hot Butterfly Exhibit.

If you’re planning on visit butterfies, for the best picture opportunities, I recommend rolling around in sugar prior to your visit.

Also, if you go on a Tuesday, it’s free. All other days it is $6. A small price to pay since the rest of the museum (and most museums in DC) is free!

Here’s to you, Sneaky, Pretty, and Licky McLicks-A-Lot!

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