Sharing a Very Special Day

Do you know what Sunday is? Father’s Day. Did you forget? Go buy a card. I’ll wait.

Do you know what else Sunday is? It’s my birthday. Yes, I’ll wait again while you run out a get me a card, too. 

Every few years Father’s Day lands on my birthday. And I’m happy to share my birthday with my dad. We’re each other’s gift.

And what could be a better gift than me? (Although my brother may argue that he is a better gift.)

Without my dad, I wouldn’t even have a birthday.

A few days ago Kiefer Sutherland asked me what I wanted for my birthday. How can I even begin to answer that? I feel like there are only a few things that could possibly top last year’s “gift.” (I promise to blog about this later.)

Birthdays are extremely important to me. They’re second only to Halloween.

My Top Five Days

  1. Halloween
  2. Birthday
  3. Anniversary
  4. July 4th
  5. Christmas

1. Halloween is just plain awesome. You get to dress up, and there’s candy. Lots and lots of candy. It wins, hands down.

Did I mention there was candy?  And if you’re lucky (not in England), there is candy corn.

2. A birthday is your very own special day. On your birthday, there’s a cake with your name on it, and you’re the only one who gets presents. Unless you’re a twin like Kiefer, or your birthday is also Sunday, and therefore you’re sharing it with Father’s Day like me.

Forgetting a birthday is unforgivable. My birthday has been forgotten. Two times too many. It’s a horrible feeling that I don’t wish on anyone.

3. Anniversaries celebrate your love. What’s better than that? They are also a nice excuse to go away for the weekend.

4. July 4th. Fireworks! Let’s celebrate how great America is to have candy corn!

I have so many great memories of July 4th, but I also have some awful ones (thank you, Mephistopheles). I always judge boyfriends on how they celebrate the 4th. A guy who doesn’t have something cool planned for that day is not the guy for me.

5. Finally Christmas. I love the cookies, songs, and lights. And the presents are nice, too. But seriously, if it wasn’t for the cookies, I doubt this holiday would even be on my list.

I think I need to include this list as a reference for my future husband. (Dear Future Husband, Don’t F up on these days….)

Back to Birthdays…

My Top Five Birthdays

  • The day I was born. So I don’t remember it, and there wasn’t a party. But this day is important because I almost didn’t grace the world with my presence. The umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around my chest that every contraction made my heart stop. Go doctors and Mommy!
  • The birthday party with the My Little Pony birthday cake. I have no clue how old I was. Maybe 5. But the point is I had a My Little Pony on my cake.
  • My Sweet 16 Birthday Party. My parents didn’t do all the crazy expensive stuff that you see on TV, but they did allow me to invite over tons of people. Tons. Crazy teenagers everywhere.
  • My 18th Birthday Party. Once again my parents agreed to let teenagers run wild over the house and yard.
  • Last Year’s Birthday. I really do promise to blog about this later.

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