Orange Cream Popples, I Mean Pop-Tarts

Popples were so cool. Popples, pop, pop, pop. Remember the song? But let’s move on to other words with “Pop” in them.

Pop-Tarts: The Breakfast of Champions…or you know, just me.

Every morning (except weekends) I have a Pop-Tart. Why?

  • Because I like to start the day off with lots of sugar.
  • Because I’m an indecisive person, and choosing a Pop-Tart flavor is a decision-making exercise for me. What if I choose wrong? My day would be ruined. Ruined, I tell you.
  • Because Pop-Tarts are tasty.
  • Because I want to.

My favorite flavors are Smores, Blueberry, Cherry, Blueberry Muffin, and Cookies and Cream. All of which are frosted. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts aren’t really Pop-Tarts.

And you know what else? The frosted Pop-Tarts actually have less calories than the unfrosted.  And less saturated fat, and less sodium, and only one more gram of sugar. At the least the blueberry ones do. I didn’t feel like comparing all of them.

Frosted Blueberry vs. Unfrosted Blueberry

Puddin’ and I were grocery shopping the other week and look what we found. A new flavor! I almost peed my pants I was so excited.

Now I’m forced with this decision: Pop-Tart or orange.

I think they both are part of the fruit family. I’ll eat both.

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14 responses to “Orange Cream Popples, I Mean Pop-Tarts

  • livingdilbert

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know that you love Pop Tarts! They are so damn good, aren’t they? I could eat them every day. The part about peeing your pants made me laugh out loud! Headed to the store after work tonight and going straight to the Pop Tart section.

    • thoughtsappear

      Yum…Pop-Tarts…They have all sorts of crazy flavors now. Do you do the ice cream flavors or just the fruit ones?

      How excited I got was a little crazy. I was walking around the store thinking, “I hate the grocery store…stupid carts, stupid lines, stupid…Oh my god, Pop-Tarts!” Suddenly my day was 10 times better.

      • livingdilbert

        I love the frosted blueberry…I lean more towards the fruit ones, but not strawberry! I also love brown sugar ones..yum. The thought of them makes me happy for facing work tomorrow – you are right! I will have two with my coffee and that makes the day seem better. You are a wise one!

  • Aly

    Gosh, I love Poptarts. They don’t sell them much here in the UK – just a few stores stock them. And the last time I bought a packet of chocolate frosted ones, they got stuck in my toaster and it died. 😦

    • thoughtsappear

      Noooo! That’s horrible. The part about not many stores stocking them and the part about the Pop-Tart getting stuck.

      Maybe I should mail you some Pop-Tarts, so you can partake in their poppy tarty goodness.

  • unabridgedgirl

    I am now craving pop-tart goodness.

  • redriverpak

    You can’t walk through my son’s room without getting 3-4 pop tart foil wrappers stuck to your shoes……the kid has a virtual pantry of Pop Parts hidden in his closet. I taught him well.

  • blogmella

    There was a feature about Pop Tarts, on our BBG consumer rights type show “Watchdog”, a few years ago. People were complaining that they had burnt their mouths and that there should be more warnings on the packet. These people were actually prepared to go on TV to the nation, admit how stupid they were and whine about this shit. How pathetic.

    Popples won my son Paul’s heart. Even though he was very tough and WAY too old, he collected the stickers and the toys. He loved them. I thought they were cute too.

    • thoughtsappear

      It’s amazing to me the number of things that need warnings. Like how McDonalds says its hot chocolate is served hot. It’s right there in the name!

      Popples were amazing, but my parents never got me one. I also never had a Lite Brite. Such a deprived childhood.

  • CuppyCakes

    The most devastating thing about living in Australia is that we don’t get pop-tarts anymore unless we can get to one of the ‘American Candy Stores’ that are in far, far away places of the city. And then they charge you a bazillion dollars for one single box of them!
    I miss the Poptarts. Oh so very much.

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