You’re Such a Nube

Last weekend Radley made up a new word: “Nube.” At least I think that’s how he is spelling it. Maybe “Noob.” Which do you think? It’s pronounced like “tube” except with an “N.” Or like “boob,” whichever you prefer.

Radley said it means “dork” or “nerd” or something similar. I’m blogging about it to help him out. Maybe it’ll catch on.

When Radley called Boo a “nube,” Boo in his infinite 9-year-old wisdom calmly said, “Stop talking bad about yourself.”

To which, Radley responded, “What does that mean?”

I’m with Radley…what? Is that today’s version of “I know you are, but what I am?” What a weak comeback. Seriously, what genius thought that up? Probably an 8-year-old genius. Wait till the 9-year-olds find out they’ve been dupped.

I can’t wait till the boys are old enough for “Yo’ Mama” comebacks. Those will be fun. Except I don’t think I’ll actually be able to take part in it since it might get back to their mom that I said something about her but the context of the Yo’ Mama jokes would be lost, and then who knows what would happen.

Anyways, later noobs…nubes…whatever.


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