To Buy a House or Not to Buy a House

My apartment is so tiny. It’s amazing that I’ve lived there as long as I have. I think I’ve only made it this long because I spend so much time at Kiefer Sutherland’s house.

Lately I find myself suffocating in my apartment. I know that the walls can’t actually be closing in on me because it would be impossible for the walls to get any closer than they already are.

The dirty dishes in the sink taunt me. “Nanny, nanny, boo-boo! No dishwasher for you!”

This apartment has served its purpose. It was cheap. It allowed me to pay off the Mephistopheles’s truck loan. And once that was paid off, the low-rent apartment funded my shopping habit and fueled my savings account.

I suspect it is nearly time to say goodbye to my lil’ apartment. Recently I decided that I’m tired of waiting for Kiefer Sutherland to be “ready” to live together. My own life is passing me by, and I’m just sitting in my lil’ apartment watching it wave at me.

I feel like my solutions are limited:

  1. Move into a bigger apartment. I hate moving. I’ve lived in 7 different houses/apartments in the past 6 years. My friends have run out of room in their address books.
  2. Break up with Kiefer and start looking for a new guy who moves faster. I’m not ready for this. This could be its own post with reasons I’m not doing this.
  3. Set up camp in the woods or a field. Then the entire outdoors is my home. Until the great outdoors comes with a shower and AC, this is not a feasible option.
  4. Buy a house.

So #4 appears to be the best option. I see a Pro Con List in my future. Anything you’d like to share?


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9 responses to “To Buy a House or Not to Buy a House

  • lunaleska

    I’d say GO for the house. But be sure to get Kiefer’s opinion on it, maybe he don’t want you to move, because soon you will be living with him ????
    Or he would like to have a say because maybe one day it will be the both of you living there! [holding thumbs!]

  • redriverpak

    Buy. At the very least, your putting money back into your pocket at tax time when you get all the interest you paid back. Plus, you can do whatever the heck you want to the house without having to get permission. Good luck!

  • the old coworker

    Do it, buy that house

    You can do whatever you want in whatever you own.. No one needs to be asked can I do this or that. Enjoy it, make it your place and set it up for the future that you want.

    Whoever you end up with, besides the cat, they’ll have to live with your rules for once… this is a super good thing. (cats make their own rules)

    Enjoy your life, decorate and paint as you wish, and go to – the best stuff.

  • izziedarling

    If there’s a house you have in mind, buy it. It will be all yours … to live in, to rent out, to resell – whatever. It is so lovely to have a place that is all yours.

  • blue

    assuming you live in the US (and not canada – where housing prices are stong), now is a good time to buy! It’s the time to be picky and still be able to find something you can afford!

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