Kiefer Sutherland Gets Tear Gassed

Kiefer Sutherland is in Africa…again. Yes, he was just there a few months ago (see Kiefer Sutherland is in Africa…Stupid Africa). Whenever he goes, I worry because he never goes to the nice parts of Africa. He goes to the parts of Africa where there are usually problems.

But he didn’t get tear gassed in Africa, he got tear gassed in Paris. Tear gassed in flippin’ France! City of Love–bah! The City of  Tear Gas!

On his way to Africa, he had to switch flights in Paris, and he had a day or so there. While at a cafe, he saw some type of protest, and the police ended up using tear gas to get the crowd to disperse. The tear gas ended up blowing down to the cafe and made Kiefer’s eyes hurt and water and all those other nasty effects.

This morning I tried to find the incident on the internet. Tons of stuff came up. Apparently tear gas is always flying around in France. Someone got hit in the face with a canister just a week ago.

Shortly after telling me this story, Kiefer told me how much he missed me, and that the next time he goes through Paris, I should come with him.

Then we could spend some extra time there eating pastries and getting gassed. Good times. Good times.


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