Get Over Your Fear of Feminine Hygiene (via you’re a grown man)

I had to try out the new “Like” WordPress feature. Look at the pic on this post! There’s bling! And it’s funny. And it teaches men everywhere a good lesson.

get over your fear of feminine hygiene. Grown Men, I'm about to say some things that you may not like. In fact, I'm going to say something right now, wait for it, steady!, NOW – tampon. Zoinks, this is going to be a long post. The truth is, men have an inherent fear of the normal, day-to-day functioning of a women's body. I believe this fear comes from not understanding how i … Read More

via you're a grown man


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9 responses to “Get Over Your Fear of Feminine Hygiene (via you’re a grown man)

  • no one of consequence

    this is not a problem for me…After 19 years of marriage, i’ve had to run the “errand” many times.

    imagine the response of the check-out lady when I walked up with a box of slender regulars…”honestly, they’re not for me” I said.

    Next time I’m going to try to mask the purchase by picking up some condoms and personal lubricant. That’ll make a little less obvious.

    Now…where is my Man Card?

  • blogmella

    My first husband would happily buy anything like this (“I look like a really nice bloke, shopping for a lady”) but he would NOT buy condoms, because he looked young (“They will think I am a naughty schoolboy”) WTF?

  • Aly

    I never thought I’d see the day.. tampons with bling. And smiling faces.

    The boy is pretty good. He’s bought far worse than that, and is still around. (Although probably scarred for life.)

  • redriverpak

    After 20 years together, when I get sent to the store to get those certain feminine items, I still have to ask “What Size?”…”Are there particular colors you like?” “Is Wal-Mart Generic Ok?”

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