Microwave Chocolate Mug “Cake” Doesn’t Take the Cake

Has anyone else received that email forward with the recipe for the emergency chocolate cake that you can make in a mug in the microwave?

This is the premise: Imagine you’ve settled into your pajamas for the night to watch a movie. You consider making popcorn, but you’re craving sweet not salty. And not just any sweet. You’re craving chocolate.

You open the freezer to find that someone polished off all of the ice cream. Jerk. Next, you check the cabinet. Someone also chowed  down all of the cookies. Double jerk.

Someone’s going to pay, you think.

As you start plotting torturous revenge, you remember an email you received with a recipe for chocolate cake that you can microwave in a mug. Genius!

I usually delete email forwards, but this one seemed like a good one to keep. I have emergency chocolate cravings constantly. We’re going to need an email chocolate cake over here, stat!

Don’t do it! It’s a horrible, horrible trick. Delete the email right now!

  1. Take the title first: 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake.  False advertising. Although the cake only cooks for 3 minutes, I definitely spent more than 2 minutes gathering, measuring, and mixing ingredients.
  2. The 3 minutes that the cake is in the microwave will be the longest 3 minutes of your life. I hate cleaning the microwave, so I was superparanoid the cake would overflow. If you use a large mug, it won’t. But you still spend the entire time panicking: Oh my god, Oh my god, don’t overflow, doooooon’t ooooooverflooooow.
  3. Finally, the taste test. I like almost all chocolate (except those chocolate oranges–yuck), so I shouldn’t be hard to impress.

The cake didn’t cut it. It was like chewing on a used sponge…one that’s been sitting out for days and barely bends. All of the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom, which made the bottom half tolerable, but the top was  awful. Aw-ful!

So next time you’re craving chocolate, get your lazy butt up and run to the store. Go through a drive-thru in your pajamas if you have to.

But do not, I repeat, do not make this cake. You’ll be sorely disappointed. And I will be disappointed in you for not listening to me.


Nasty cake, but at least the fairy on the right is cute.


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