Zap On, Zap Off…The Zapper

Last Thursday was my first bikini Alase appointment (funded by Mephistopheles me). Here’s who is doing the zapping: Reveal Medspa. They’re awesome. I’m really happy with how my legs turned out a couple years ago.

After checking in, they let you hang out in the “sanctuary,” which is a dimly lit room with big comfy, cushiony chairs, candles, and candy. (I’m impressed with all the “C” words I just used in that sentence.) They also give you a warm, fuzzy robe to wear.

Next the nurse/technician leads you back to a room that looks like a doctor’s exam room. One minute you think you’re at a spa, and the next minute you’re having flashbacks to your yearly checkup. Feet in the stirrups. Now just scoot down a little more, a little more…too far! ::shudder::

Just kidding. The Alase experience is actually really comfortable (despite my half-nakedness), and the people are very nice.

First, the nurse draws on you with a white colored pencil. Sweet, I’m turning into a color by number! Where’s the blue? Gimme the blue!

 Ok, not really. She’s actually outlining where she plans on zapping.

 So I’m sitting there completely naked (pronounced “neck-ed”) with my legs stretched straight out, but they’re also squeezed together. Not that this is hard to do.

Me: Large thighs run in my family; it has nothing to do with the massive amount of sweets that I consume, ok?

You: Sure, sure….

You also get sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the laser. Probably Oakleys….

Next comes the goo. I think it’s a cooling gel. They spread it all over the soon-to-be-zapped area.

Finally, the zapper makes an appearance. And it looks like this:

(Image from Digital Buzz Blog)

Actually it looks like the hand scanner they use at the grocery store. A little anticlimatic. The thing beeps and emits a hair-killing red flash when the nurse puts it against your skin. Die, hair, die!

Sometimes it stings a little, but barely. They offer you a numbing cream. I used it a couple times on my legs years ago, but it’s messy so I’d rather just power through.

And that’s it. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes. Just 5 more sessions!

If you go, tell them I referred you, and I think we both get discounts. =)

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