Like Winning Your Own Money from the Lottery

The day has finally come that we (ask anyone who knows the history) all thought would never arrive. Any minute now a pig will fly by your window. I’m just giving you a heads up, so you don’t panic.

Mephistopheles has mailed the last check for the totaled truck, the check has cleared, and all contact can be officially cut off. And there was much rejoicing! (Does anyone ever get this Monty Python reference?)

It’s actually weird that I’m so excited about the money. Really, it was my money in the first place. If I had never put my name on that stupid truck loan with the ex, I wouldn’t have had to pay for part of it when he totaled the truck, and I’d have had this money all along. See Idiot and Idioms if you’re clueless as to what I’m talking about.

So now I have to decide what to do with my newly returned money. 

  • Saving it! I can’t help my thrifty and frugal nature.
  • Sailing away! I’m going on a cruise, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t know where yet, but I’m going. I’m thinking a Mediterranean cruise. Then I can go on a cruise and hit up Italy and Greece (all of which I’ve never done.)
  • Shopping! There may be a small shopping spree in my future. Arms full of books and clothes!
  • Something else! But it has to begin with “S.”

And the first thing I’m doing is more Alase. In fact, my first appointment is this afternoon.

Years ago, I had Alase (laser hair removal) on the lower half of my legs. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Most of the hair is gone completely, and I don’t have to shave the little bit that is left very often.

So what’s being zapped this afternoon? Lean in, lean in closer because I’m going to blog whisper. My bikini area. My face turned bright red just typing it.

That particular area is 50% off special this month, so I took that as a sign. And it means no more waxing. Woo-hoo!

What I’m not woo-hooing about is having a laser pointed down there…at my woo-hoo. (Isn’t that what some people call it?)

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