Buckets: The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On

I can only imagine the kind of searches my blog is going to come up in after that title.

The other weekend several friends and I ventured down to Baltimore’s (pronounced “Bawlmer” by natives) Inner Harbor. Kiefer Sutherland and I walked around Fells Point a bit while avoiding the Red Sox fans who seemed to overtake the city.

Although I’m not a big fan of baseball, I used to work for a publisher who was located at Camden Yards, so I feel the need to point out the Orioles won that night. Please don’t hate me, Red Sox fans. When I go to baseball games, I spend the entire game chasing down the cotton candy guy.

Anyways, later that evening we ventured over to Howl at the Moon.

If you’ve never been, go sometime. It’s not the type of bar you go to on a regular basis (In the last 8 years, I’ve been 4 times). It’s a dueling piano bar, and it’s loads of fun. You request the piano players to play songs, and the bartenders occasionally stand up and do dances (like the Time Warp from Rocky Horror) on the bar.

One piano player sang a Lady Gaga song in South Park’s  Cartman’s voice. He was dead on, and I was practically rolling on the floor laughing.

Usually there are tons of bachelor and bachelorette parties, so you’re in for extra entertainment if you like to join in on the bachelorette/bachelor fun. These groups also are great for one of my favorite past times: people watching.

I (or my friends) may (or may not) have said the following:

  • I didn’t know they made dresses that short.
  • I think she just wrapped aluminum foil and Christmas lights around herself.
  • Are they wearing penis pacifiers around their neck?
  • Why is that guy wearing a sombero?

Eat plenty of food before you go because they don’t serve food. Which seems like a bad combination once you see what they serve the drinks in.

If you go, you have to get a bucket. Drumroll please…

Warning: You can’t see them well in the picture, but this bucket comes with about 5 or 6 straws. They are NOT all for YOU. Share the bucket with your friends. Consuming the bucket entirely by yourself will probably cause my friends (and I) to make (definitely make) comments about your drunken behavior.


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