Vroom, Vroom…Watch Out for Motorcycles!

May is National Motorcycle Safety Month!

Now for my own motorcycle stories. I learned to ride after college. I dated a guy who drove a motorcycle, and it was awesome. Instead of making “rides a motorcycle” a requirement for all future boyfriends, I decided to learn to ride myself.

Because the wait to get into the Motorcycle Safety courses was insane, my dad taught me. He’d been riding for years before I was in the picture, and who than my dad to look out for my safety?

Honestly, the first time I straddled that bike on my own, it scared the hell out of me. I was actually learning on a 1973 450 Yamaha, and there’s no such thing as a slow start on that bike. You let the clutch out and it just took off! This bike taught me one of the most important lessons ever: ALWAYS WEAR LONG PANTS.

This is the bike (and me when I was oh so tiny). I’m not sure why my mom is strangling me.

One incredibly hot summer day I decided that was day I would master the motorcycle. I refused to get off until I could do everything I needed to do to pass the riding test.

I let my feet down and that exhaust pipe sizzled my leg. It took years for the scar to go away. I can still see it just a little. Stupid bike…

One exboyfriend that I used to ride with taught me another lesson. Be careful of shoelaces. While I was on the back of his crotchrocket, I felt the bike lean too far, and I hopped off the back just in time to see him and the bike go down. While coming to a stop, his shoelace had gotten wrapped around the footpeg, and he couldn’t put his foot down to hold up the bike. In hindsight maybe I should have put my own foot down to sturdy the bike, but the leg-burning incident was too recent. Oops…

If you’ve never ridden before, you should try it out. I love it. =) If you’re hopping on the back of someone else’s bike, make sure that person has loads of riding experience. Remember: The motorcycle is a weapon!

If you have no attentions of ever riding, at least learn to be alert to motorcyclists.

Here are two tips:

  1. Motorcycles stop WAY FASTER than your car. Leave lots of space inbetween you and motorcyclists.
  2. Look twice! For some reason, people tend to not “see” motorcyclists.

Happy Riding!

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5 responses to “Vroom, Vroom…Watch Out for Motorcycles!

  • themesnthings

    I just had to write to you to say that every morning I wake up I look to see if you posted a new blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts that cover a wide variety of subjects (which is good) and very funny. I have to look in my special cook book and send you some recipes since you love to bake, of some of my favorites. Just wanted to say, have a great day and I look forward to tomorrow’s blog post! ~ Val ~ (www.themesnthings.com)

    • thoughtsappear

      Awww, I’m glad you’re enjoying reading as much as I’m enjoying writing! I’d love for you to send me some recipes. I’m always looking for new cookies, cupcakes–anything sweet! Maybe I could do a blog about a recipe you send!

  • pinklove9

    My uncle and brother-in-law are waaay into motorcycles, and I’ve always wanted to try it. But my brother-in-law got in a really nasty accident a couple years back and ended up in a coma, and ever since then I have been a little iffy on the subject. But one day I will totally ride one…. One day…

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