It’s Not Easy to Find Someone Who Cares…About Pears

I recently rewatched Disney’s Pete’s Dragon to relive my youth. Despite the initial “They’re singing another song? It’s only been 2 minutes since they sang the last one,” I totally enjoyed it. And I feel like the mere fact that I thought that it may have been approaching song overkill says a lot because I like musicals. (See Movies I’ll Never Admit to Watching…Except for Here.)

I love quotes, and I find myself always writing down words I hear in songs or movies. Even as an adult, I remembered and loved the song “Candle on the Water.” How wonderful to find someone whose “love for you will always burn.”

But I had forgotten all about “It’s Not Easy.”

Cause it’s not easy, to find someone who cares, It’s not easy, to find magic in pairs.

Yes, that’s right. Pairs. Not pears. The song took on a whole new meaning for me. For years, I’ve been eating pears in search of magic. Finally, I can stop.


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