Gimmie That Girl, Gimmie That Guy

Gimmie that girl with the hair in  a mess, sleepy little smile with her head on my chest, that’s the you that I like best, gimmie that girl.

Gimmie that girl lovin’ up on me, old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, that’s the you I wanna see, gimmie that girl.–Joe Nichols

I heard that song on the radio this morning, and although I’m not a huge fan of country music, you know what?

I like that song. And I’ve decided to claim it as my own.

  • I love cuddling. Check.
  • I love sleeping. Check.
  •  And although I love dressing up occasionally, I love my jeans more. Jeans, check.

Who doesn’t love these three things? Ladies, If you also love cuddling, sleeping, and jeans, I’m willing to share this song with you as well.

A guy that says those words to me is a guy I want to be with. He doesn’t even have to sing them.

Years ago, and I do mean years ago (probably almost 10 years ago), I told a friend that “Good Night Sweet Girl” were the magical words that would escape my Prince Charming’s lips. I can’t remember where I heard them, probably from a movie.

But since I’ve discovered that my life is nothing like a movie (you can imagine my dismay), I’ve grown up and become more realistic. If my life isn’t like a movie, maybe my life is like a song!


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