Voodoo Girl Burps…A Lot

“But she knows she has curse on her,
A curse she cannot win.
For if someone gets
Too close to her,

The pins stick farther in.”

I love me some Tim Burton movies and his books, too. His writing is dark, just like his movies. “Voodoo Girl” is one of my favorites.

Sometimes I feel like this describes relationships. As you get closer to someone, you learn so much about them. And I enjoy learning about the people I love. But every once in awhile, I learn something that I could have done without knowing. And in time, I come to understand or chalk whatever it is so a stupid choice. I mean, we all make mistakes. Sometimes it just takes longer to get to the acceptance.

 Whoa…too deep for a Friday. 

Want to know how the colonoscopy went? All clear! I don’t need another for 5 years!

  1. Prep, bad, but not as bad as I expected. I weighed 6 pounds less. Awesome! I was also so weak that I could barely walk, which sucked.
  2. IV, bad, but not as bad as expected. (I made the nurse hold my hand.) I nearly hyperventilated.
  3. Anesthesia is an amazing thing. They gave me something so my stomach wouldn’t get upset, and apparently my heart started beating too fast, so they whipped out that nose tube and shoved a face mask on, and that’s all I remember. When I did wake up, I said to the nurse, “Dude, you were so awesome. Thanks for holding my hand.” What is it about drugs and alcohol that make me say “dude”?

So here I am at the day after…and I can’t stop burping. I think I’ve burped more today than I have in my entire life. Maybe I can learn to burp the entire alphabet…

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