Movies I’ll Never Admit to Watching…Except for Here

You know you have them, too. Movies that you’ll never admit to anyone that you enjoy and probably own. Maybe you pop them in when you’re having a bad day…maybe when you’re having a good day…maybe it’s your movie that you fold laundry to every Saturday.

Whenever someone asks what my favorite movies are, I usually respond with The Crow, Mallrats, Edward Scissorhands, Go, Old School, Sex and the City.  I try to hit a variety of genres.

I generally leave off the movies I’m about to mention.

  1. Newsies: This movie came out when I was young, and Christian Bale (who I crushed on for years) is in it, along with a slew of other hot guys. No further explanation is required.
  2. Mamma Mia: I like musicals. Even Pierce Brosnan’s singing cannot deter me from watching this.
  3. Dirty Dancing: Swayze. Don’t most women like this movie?
  4. A Bug’s Life: This is on my list because I can’t have two cartoons in my favorite movie list. And because I like the short at the beginning of this movie almost as much as I like the movie itself.
  5. Empire Records: This movie is to me what The Breakfast Club  is to Kiefer Sutherland. He can quote that whole movie, and I know Empire Records by heart.
  6. The Sandlot: I will love this movie FOR-EV-ER.
  7. The Orphanage: I pronounce loudly and clearly that I hate movies with subtitles. This is my exception. Let’s keep it on the downlow.
  8. Peter Pan: Fairies and flying and pirates. What’s not to love? I love all versions of this movie.
  9. Steel Magnolias: I know Julia Roberts collapses with her son, but one time I’ll watch it and she won’t. And I won’t cry.
  10. I’m keeping one movie to myself!

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