Human Trafficking in 2010

Did you know that human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world? Me neither.  I needed to burst someone else’s naivete bubble. (Drugs is number 1 and illegal arms is number 3.)

How horrible! I found this out while doing some reading this morning, and my day is been pretty somber since. 

Am I the only person who didn’t know this? I admit to being probably the least-informed person ever when it comes to politics, causes, etc.

My contributions are the following: I bought a Save Darfur CD and the proceeds from the Cupcake Run went to troubled youth, but that’s it. But this human trafficking thing I may need to look into. Anyone have suggestions on books or sites  on this topic?

At the very least I’ll be watching Taken again with a entirely new perspective.

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One response to “Human Trafficking in 2010

  • SMUCoxWeb

    Check out It’s mindblowing. I live in Dallas, Texas and just last year a slavery ring was busted right here! They were smuggling in young Asian girls – mostly Korean and Vietnamese and forcing them to work as prostitutes. It was part of a nationwide ring. Every time the local police would start getting to close, they’d shift the girls to another city. I cannot tell you how appalled I am to have the enslavement of women in my town in my lifetime. I can’t tell you how often I drove past the establishment in question on my way home from work – with out a clue that young girls were being enslaved right there.

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