13 Things I’ll Never Be Too Old For

Lately, when I go shopping, occasionally I’ll pick something up and wonder if I’m too old for it.

Am I too old for glitter on my clothing? Am I too old for scratch-n-sniff? Am I too old for Happy Bunny and CareBears? Am I too old for blue or sparkly nail polish?


So in case I need to reference it later, here’s my list of things I’ll hopefully never be too old for.

  1. Adding about 5 (or more) toppings or mix-ins to my ice cream.
  2. Eating Doritos. And licking the powder off my fingers.
  3. Visiting the pet store and playing with puppies and kittens.
  4. Buying clothes from the Juniors Dept. (When I was younger, I was too heavy to wear these. So now, as long as they fit, I’m going to wear them. I also buy clothes from Misses, so I mix it up.)
  5. Spilling stuff on my clothes. (Oh, how I wish I could outgrow this one.)
  6. Cuddling.
  7. Reading children’s books. The Poky Little Puppy will reign forever!
  8. Wearing glitter makeup on special occasions.
  9. Watching cartoons. Primarily Lilo and Stitch and A Bug’s Life.
  10. Dressing up for Halloween.
  11. Ordering fruity alcoholic drinks with fun names, like ‘Tic Tac” and “Peachy Pirate.”
  12. Thinking zombies are cooler than ninjas.
  13. Crushing on Johnny Depp.

Actually some of these are things that I might only be able to get away with for the next 5 years, so maybe I’d better soak them up now.

Anything  to add?

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