Swirl, Sniff, Taste, Spit!

Spit? Really? Do people put chocolate in their mouth and then spit it out? No. You’d have to pry it from my jaws.

Spitting it out seems wasteful. Remember how in college if you spilled your drink, you had to chug a whole one? Apparently wine is the opposite.

Wine…I’m slowly coming around. Up until about a year ago, I still had Boones Farm in my refrigerator. I never drank Boones Farm in high school or college, so I started late, at about age 25.

I have a serious sweet tooth. I can put anyone to shame with my sugar consumption. Anyone care to challenge? So to state the obvious, I like sweet and fruit tasting wines. I want my wine to resemble Kool Aid, or at least juice.


As I reached my late twenties, and most of my friends seem to be older than I am, I realized that I reinforced the “she’s just a baby” image in the group by revealing my love of Boones Farm.

So I needed to be more grown up in my wine tastes. After trying lots of wines and attempting to not spit them out upon contact with my tongue, I’ve finally found some I really enjoy.

Berrywine Plantations Linganore Winecellars–It’s right there in the name: “Berry!” I recommend all of these wines. You won’t feel need to spit or force yourself to swallow.


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2 responses to “Swirl, Sniff, Taste, Spit!

  • Valerie

    Since you like sweet wines, you definitely should try a great fruity sweet wine by Alice White called Lexia. I found it by accident at our local Giant Eagle Grocery Store and now won’t drink anything but this wine. I used to like Riesling, but since I have tried Lexia, I am hooked. Try it and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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