Libraries Need Hot Chocolate

The library: my equivalent of  “a kid in a candy store.” Well, I get pretty excited about candy stores, too.

For years, I’ve been going to Borders. I loved it there. It was my little sanctuary. I grabbed a hot chocolate, sat at a table just long enough to eat off the chocolate toppings and whipped cream, and then I grabbed a lid and wandered around the store.

Before you continue reading, if you haven’t already, go get a Border’s cocoa trio. They have a new marshmallow-flavored hot chocolate, too, which is good, but not good as the original. (Thanks to Girl.Dog.Kitchen for the pic.)

I’ve even turned Boo and Radley to the dark side. Everywhere they go, they order hot chocolate, and then we discuss if it’s better than Borders.

Between the books and the cocoa trios, I would spend a couple hours in that store. I’d always walk out with an armload of books and a list of books I needed to buy on my next visit.  Kiefer Sutherland has even had to drag me out kicking and screaming on a few occasions. True story. Usually I go quietly though; don’t want to spill the hot chocolate.

Now I’ve realized that my bookshelves are overflowing, and I’ve spent more money on books than food.

How did I remedy this? A library card. I haven’t had a library card since I was in elementary school. A library card is like a credit card only it’s better because you don’t pay for anything!

On my last visit to the library, I was so excited. I wanted to be a personal greeter: “Welcome to the library! There’s lots of books!” Only that would have kept me from the books for too long.

I completely lost track of time. I happened to look down at my phone to see the time, and I realized I should head out because it was almost closing time. I left with 3 books. Maybe I should have hidden behind a shelf. Imagine how many books I might have found if I had all night to look!

Now if the library would just add a hot chocolate cart….


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