My Future Husband Must Make Me These

Before I will agree to marry any man, he first needs to serve me these pancakes. Minus the butter. I really don’t understand the fascination with butter. I mean, there’s syrup. Why butter, too? Maybe just put the engagement ring on top instead.

This mom made these for her kid. Awesome mom! She actually got a lot of nasty comments about feeding her kid too many pancakes and all that dye. I’m sure her kid didn’t really eat all 6 pancakes, and it’s not like he eats colored pancakes every day, and I doubt a little dye is going to kill you.

Anyways, how cool do they look! I’m not even really that into pancakes, but they look so tasty.

So I’m adding it to my list of future husband requirements:

  1. Must be willing to knock me out when I’m about to give birth. Forget labor; I want to just wake up and have a baby waiting.
  2. Must make (or buy) me colorful pancakes.

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2 responses to “My Future Husband Must Make Me These

  • izziedarling

    DO NOT GIVE BIRTH WITHOUT DRUGS! You don’t have to be knocked out – just make sure you get an epidural AND that it works. No worries after that! Pancakes are a good thing, too!

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