Have a Good Weekend and Stay Away from the Escalator


In case you’re wondering, yes, Kiefer and I talked, but I’m not ready to  blog about it. I think I just need to digest it over the weekend.

Plus, I have this weird feeling that maybe some of the things we talked about, I shouldn’t blog about. Where do you draw the line?

Besides, it’s Friday! I don’t feel like being serious.

I stumbled across this picture and cracked up laughing, so I thought I would share. This is from Clerks II. The characters actually break out into song and dance, in addition to the normal Jay and Silent Bob stuff.

I love Kevin Smith movies. (I haven’t seen Cop Out yet, so I can’t speak to that.) My favorite is Mallrats. I know it’s not most peoples’ favorite, but I love it. Watch it, and then watch it again, and again.

I hope you have a good weekend…and don’t forget to fear and respect the escalator.

Snootchie bootchies!


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