Creepy Cupcakes Will Be the Death of Me

The Cupcake 5K Run approaches. What have I done to prepare? Nothing.

I’m like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

Step one to running a marathon: You run. There is no step two.

And then at the end, he totally pays the price for not training:

My legs don’t work. I’ve ridden the subway twice from end to end. I’ve been where it turns around. Ted, you don’t ever want to see where it turns around.

So who is going to volunteer to drag me home after the race? Because I don’t want to get stuck on the subway. Bad things happen on the subway. I saw it in this movie Creep. It is a very creepy movie. It freaked me out, and I watch a lot of horror movies so that’s saying something.


Luckily, I won’t be taking the subway home. And I don’t think the run goes through any tunnels or covered bridges.

Hopefully my legs will work after the run, but I may still need someone to drag me to the cupcake table.

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