Skesis, Not Extinct!

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and I didn’t trick anyone, but I did enjoy watching other people get “punked.” (Is that show even on anymore?)

My favorite was from a link a friend posted on her Facebook page:

Can’t place the word “Skesis”? It’s from the movie Dark Crystal. It’s by Jim Henson, and Jen, the Gelfing who lives with the Mystics, has to find the last shard of the Dark Crystal. The Skesis are the bad guys. Fizzgig is the tiny mound of fur. Such great words! I’m going to name my firstborn “Fizzgig.” Ok, maybe not.

Any of this ring a bell? If not, IMDB it right now. Your homework is watch it over the weekend. Great movie! Maybe watch Labyrinth, too, while you are at it. (Maybe make it a Jim Henson weekend and relive your youth by watching The Tale of the Bunny Picnic and some Muppet Babies cartoons.)

The second best prank I witnessed was this Facebook wall posting between two friends:  

Will you be my doula?

She wasn’t actually pregnant. She was just waiting for her husband to see it and flip out.

Anyways, I need good pranks for next year. Let me know what you did.


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