Ding-Dong, Match.com Lady Calling

Awhile ago I stumbled across a personal paper left on the printer at work. Admit it. We all use the work printer for personal use occasionally. But at least make sure you’re waiting at the printer as it rolls out so you can snatch up your personal printout before anyone else grabs it.

This particular paper had been left on the printer overnight. I wasn’t snooping (this time); I accidently picked it up with my own printouts.

It was a to-do list. Here are just a few of the items listed:

  • Buy milk
  • Pay phone bill
  • Go for a run
  • Call Match.com lady


I am a huge fan of lists. I love the organization and the accomplishment I feel as cross off each item.

However, I have to comment on this list. The milk and phone bill are totally normal items on a to-do list. For any other person, “Go for a run” might also be normal, but for the owner of the to-do list, it’s actually a bit comical to think of him running. I just can’t picture it. I’ll even let that one slide by.

But “Call Match.com lady”? Seriously? Surely she has a name, and it’s most likely shorter to type than “Match.com Lady.”

I think maybe this list reveals some insight into my coworker’s lack of relationships. If he was really into this woman, wouldn’t he remember her name? And he was truly interested in her and excited to talk to her, why does he need to put her on his to-do list?

<Insert head shaking here.>


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